What do our clients say about us?

About Han Yin

Rotterdam, 13 juni 2022
Athena Cordilia, 33 years old

After a long search and trying out coaches, I ended up with Han Yin. Han Yin is the perfect coach for me! Because of her knowledge, experience and flexibility. She understands very well what I wanted to discuss with her. She gives me the space to talk and has a lot of patience. She listens carefully and offers me food for thought to come to a solution myself or if I can’t figure it out, a solution that suits me. From the first intake I felt good with her. I definitely recommend her.

Rotterdam, 07-02-2022
Ruben, 23 years old- Expediteur (soon to be student)

My question in summary; How do I find energy and motivation and how can I show more self-confidence in daily life?

I had no conscious vision for the future. As a result, I was stuck between all kinds of sectors, ideas and plans and, I did not dare to make the decision. Discussions with other parties/agencies did not work or the effect was short-lived. This was partly due to the time pressure to “get better quickly” and all kinds of online assignments, while I actually needed someone who listened. In this respect Han Yin fulfilled the role fantastically.

Through conversations with Han Yin, I consciously started to think about actions and accepted the time it takes to get an idea of what I want and who I am. This increased my self-confidence.

It was a pleasant experience in which Han Yin offers personal attention and a listening ear.

About Rachel

The Hague, april 2022
Emilie, 28 years old– Project Manager

Rachel helped me at a time when I was less comfortable in my own skin. I wanted to reconnect with my strength, to be able to speak out better and make authentic choices. The sessions with Rachel were pleasant and supportive, we did various exercises, both internally and externally focused. Every session she asked me to rate how I was feeling at the time, and it was very nice to see (and feel) that figure go up! I would highly recommend Rachel’s coaching.

Amsterdam, february 2022
Steven, Art Director

I came to Rachel with few questions, but mainly it was about my difficulty in having a good connection with my emotions and a difficulty to communicate.

When I spoke to Rachel about this she came to the session with very insightful questions which made me look at how I was framing these difficulties within myself. The exercises that were suggested for between sessions really helped a lot and I continue them to this day. I found Rachel to be a caring and engaging coach that was very helpful in the way she approached the sessions.